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Wild Over Our Black Plus Size Maxi Dress

Wild Over Our Black Plus Size Maxi Dress

[caption id="attachment_6164" align="aligncenter" width="490"]Plus Size Maxi Dress
Plus Size Glitter Maxi Dress
  It's always a risk to do a design that takes me out of my comfort zone.  That certainly was the case when I created our first Black Plus Size Maxi Dress.   Now everyone's wild for SC71111, the new style that's flying out the door!   Our "Glitter Gone Wild" dress started with the idea of designing a dress that wasn't as fancy as our plus size Prom gown collection or as formal as our plus size evening dress collection.  I had in mind a chic, casual dress that was dressy but not fussy or fancy.  I wanted you to be able to wear it year round to any event where you wanted to look glam, but not ready for the red carpet. Most of my special occasion and bridal gowns are created in chiffon, a flowing fabric that flatters anyone's curves.  It's delicate and looks elegant for any event after 5 whether cocktail or evening.  But for this design, I opted for a stretch knit fabric.  It's more informal and best of all, it creates an easy fit.
Bodycon Curvy Dress
  Comfort was top of mind when I came up for the notion of a dressy dress created for a fun but not too fancy occasion. So I added an elastic waistband to the back and eliminated  a zipper. The straps mean that you won't have to fuss with pulling up a strapless bra all night (it's soooo annoying!).  The maxi length lets you wear the dress at an elegant length but still one that is easy to walk, move and dance in. For colors I kept in mind that everyone loves a Little Black Dress in plus sizes.  So I just adapted it to a Long Black Dress and added the fun and sparkle of silver glitter. The Glitter Gone Wild Dress makes a big fashion splash for summer parties whether poolside or inside no matter where you live.   This summer we've shipped this style to curvy customers in :
  • New Jersey
  • Montana
  • New Mexico
  • California
  • South Carolina
  • Georgia
  • Hawaii
  • Puerto Rico
Oh! I did I mention that girls around the globe have gone wild over this maxi dress.  We also shipped this hot style to to England, Canada, Australia, Germany and The Netherlands. I'm so encouraged by the positive response that I want to create more knit dresses to wear when you dress up. Any suggestions?  I'd love to hear from you about what styles, lengths and colors you love.