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Will Red Evening Dresses Ring in Chinese New Year?

Will Red Evening Dresses Ring in Chinese New Year?

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The Chinese New Year falls this year on January 31, 2014 with celebrations to mark the Year of the Horse.   In China, red is always considered a lucky color.  Watch for many Chinese women to dress up in festive shades of scarlet to usher in a year filled with good fortune.    So do men.  In fact,  my husband deliberately asked his orthopedic surgeon to wrap his broken wrist in a deep red cast as a way to honor the Chinese New Year when we visited that country last week on a design trip. I don't need a holiday to wait for a legitimate  reason for wear red.  It's one of my favorite colors to wear anytime of year.   In elementary school.  I remember standing at the bus stop in a crimson wool coat with a hood that not only kept me warm but added a smile to my face.  It just made me happy to put on that coat.  Actually I was slightly sad to out grow it and fussed when my Mother replaced it with a deep green coat.  

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When it comes to special occasions, nothing beats red evening dresses for a glamorous fashion statement.   You're guaranteed to make a grand entrance in that drop-dead gorgeous hue.  Once inside, the lady in red always stands out in the predictable sea of black dresses - even those with touches of silver and gold. Red is exciting, wear it to celebrate life's special moments.  It's passionate, powerful and, if the formal fits your curves in just the right places, always a little naughty or even dangerous. Wear the right shade of scarlet and your heart will beat faster - and so will his! Back in China, brides traditionally favor red wedding dresses to symbolize happiness and prosperity and paint the front doors of their house with the same fiery color. If you're shopping for the perfect red formal don't miss our bestselling "Starburst" gown.  It's our #1 bestselling dress.  We can't keep it in stock! (Lucky you - more coming in next week!).  Teens buy it for Prom.  Military wives wear it to impress the general at balls.   And the boldest of brides wear SC7071 in ruby down the aisle.  Now that's real style - and courage!