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2014 Plus Size Prom Gown Winners

Seventeen Magazine Winner
It's official!  Seventeen Prom magazine has given us the green light to announce the names of the 10 lucky teens who won a FREE 2014 plus size prom gown from Sydney's Closet.
The winners come from nine states coast to coast.  (Make note that Michigan had not one but two lucky winers!)
We've sent emails to each of them congratulating them on being selected for such an incredible prize!
Best of all, it's been a blast getting a chance to speak to so many of them.
"I''m so excited", said Dissah from Baltimore, Maryland when I got her on the phone. "Thank you so much!"
All the girls I spoke with PROM-ised to send me picture of themselves looking very glam in a 2014 plus size Prom gown from Sydney's Closet.
We'll be sending a glam prom gown from our 2014 collection with a retail value up to $278.00.
So far the girls have followed the trend by picking our bestselling Prom 2014 plus size gown called Starburst.
The popular A-line formal comes in five fab colors including a dreamy Aquamarine.  That is the color that Gabriella in Texas selected for her prize.
And I have to believe it's a big hit with the winners because that was also the design featured on the sweepstakes page in the 2014 Seventeen Prom mag. That is the same page where the girls got everything they needed to know to enter to win a free dress.
Several of the girls decided to skip getting a formal dress.  Instead, they opted for short, flirty styles that will be picture-perfect as a  2014 plus size Homecoming dress.
I love the idea.  It's a great way to get a free party dress that they can wear again and again!
Drum roll I share with you our 2014 Seventeen Prom winners:
  • Devin from Mystic, Connecticut
  • Dassah from Baltimore, Maryland
  • Gabriell from Laredo, Texas
  • Courtney from New Hope, Minnesota
  • Crystal from Ava Missouri
  • Siiri from Oxford, Michigan
  • Elizabeth from Lansing  Michigan
  • Krystina from Kaukauna, Wisconsin
  • Kaaliyah from Canal Winchester, Ohio
  • Alicia from Tracy, California