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2017 Plus Size Prom Dress Trends You Need to Know

2017 Plus Size Prom Dress Trends You Need to Know

2017 Plus Size Prom Dress Trends you need to know before you go shopping for the formal dress of your dreams. Our style team is obsessed with these 2017 prom dress trends:

  1) Prom Tails: look for the influence of the red-carpet to play a starring role in design. Gowns with trains will reign for Prom 2017. Designs will go to great lengths inspired by celebrities like Beyoncé who walk the red carpet with yards and yards of fabric flowing from the back hem of the skirt. We love the look because it is sooo glam!   prom trend 20172) The Emperor's Cloth: We adore designing with Mikado satin. This luxurious satin makes a perfect choice to create Prom gowns with more structure. Did we mention the slight texture that makes Mikado a distant cousin from the satin that is typically used to line dresses?   Mikado satin lends itself perfectly to designing Prom styles with the ultimate sophistication. Simple but striking style lines.   For added drama, Mikado satin can captures the light adding a beautiful sheen on the dance floor. You look lavish and rich without even adding a single bead to your dress.   plus size prom 20173) Petal Power: Floral prints will be in full bloom at Prom 2017. Look for the buds to be popular on printed satin fabrics for skirts and bodices.   Florals create a romantic and and oh-so pretty look that is hard to resist.   Keep in mind these are not your little girl flowers in dainty patterns.   Florals for 2017 are bold, bright and sophisticated petals that make a powerful fashion statement.   4) Burgundy Prom Dresses: Look rich, royal and ready to be crowned Prom Queen when you wear burgundy. The rich, dark shade dark red - with a hint of brown - offers a strong statement for Prom 2017.   You're sure to take center stage in this eye-catching hue. This is an irresistible color choice and a refreshing update from the traditional jewel tones of emerald, purple and royal blue. Prom girls in the know will make burgundy their “go-to” color.   Best of all, burgundy flatters most skin tones. Why stop at your dress. Consider a matching burgundy for your nails - and toes - to layer on the glamour of this rich color.   plus size prom dress5) Dare to Bare: Two-piece plus size Prom dresses are all the rage. We saw signs of this trend last year, but two-piece styles show no signs of stopping for 2017. In fact, it could be even stronger when you consider that two pieces can really be a better fashion choice than one!   Caution: before you buy a 2-piece dress check the rules at your school. You don't want to be turned away at the door by the fashion police.   You'll look sexy and stylish wearing a separate top and matching skirt.   Which of these five must-have 2017 plus size Prom dress trends is your favorite? Let us know!