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2019 Plus Size Prom trends Tease Prom by Sydney's Closet

2019 Prom Dress Trends

How then to best wrap your head around top trends for Prom 2019 plus size dresses? Let  the Prom pros here at Sydney’s Closet solve that problem for you. Leave it to us to do all the hard work for you. All you have to do is check out the trends we've gathered here!  And remember, Prom is your a-carpet moment. So dazzle the crowd - and the paparazzi - in super-glam gown.

It is just a matter of weeks until the first styles are available to buy in December. By the end of January 2019 the entire Sydney's Closet 2019 Prom Collection of ball gowns, Empire designs, A-line designs and Mermaids will be available online and in stores near you.

Top Trends Plus Size Prom 2019 Dresses 


Watch for less to be more in vogue for Prom 2019 as stylish teens opt for modern monochromatic gowns minus any embellishment. These minimalist styles may be plain at first sight but they are far from casual for a night as big as Prom. Even without any bling, these classic style lines look fresh, savvy and effortlessly beautiful. We’re obsessed with this polished look that relies on strong style lines and rich fabrics like sparkling satin or shimmering  knits to make a major fashion impact.


Leading the trend of hot hues for Prom 2019, will be a softer, more muted palette focused on mesmerizing tones like mauve, blush and shades of gray.

Gray offers a glorious new neutral that lets you shine in silver on your big night. Our fave has to be a deep gray - close to a charcoal -  for a smokey hot look. The result: choosing a Prom dress isn’t always a case of just black or white.

For girls who want more intoxicating colors, the of-the-moment colors include:

  • Emerald, the Queen of Green luxurious in depth and rich in brightness
  • Burgundy in deep berry shades for a very fresh pick that is sure to get you notice
  • Sapphire blue for an icy cool blue that isn’t too cold 

These sensual saturated shades look beautiful and also give you the bonus of a psychological boost of confidence.


Nothing signals Spring more than the force of Nature bringing us flowers. For Prom 2019 ,buds bloom in bright bold colors on dark backgrounds like navy and black. Why we love it! The fashion look of a Midnight Garden is no garden variety floral pattern.  


Are you feeling groovy? Then dare to wear a magical gown that picks up on the super hot holographic trend. It's all the rage for Prom 2019. The metallic colors and iridescent fabrics give a high sheen creating a sci-fi look that points to the space-age future while, at the same time, giving a nod to the retro look of the 1980s. The cosmic glow, with a constantly changing palette of color, makes you look so funky and fun on and off the dance floor.  That's not to say if classy is more your style you still can't make a case for wearing a designer gown reminiscent of 80s Prom fashion.

Looking Back on 2018 Trends

The best trends from 2018 will not fad away -  and in most cases we are glad to say "Thank Goodness!. Several trends stay so super strong they just can't quit being hits. Among the styles destined for another year as bestsellers are: 

2-piece Prom Dress: cropped top with long full skirts will make a fashion splash again s styles return destined for another year as a trend that just won’t quit. Everyone loves wearing the cropped top to Prom and then again later with jeans, a summer skirt or leggings.  After all, isn’t two always better! See 2-pieces in our 2018-2019 Tease Prom Collection.

Flower Power: 

These are not the buds seen on your Granny’s curtains. Think big, bold, bright blooms. After a dreary, cold winter nothing signals the arrival of Spring more than flowers. Styling Tip: When the floral power pops,  keep jewelry to a bare minimum otherwise you risk taking away from the garden effect of modern blooms. 

Great Heights

Necklines that feature illusion mesh,choker collars and halter straps stay popular.  Styling tip:  skip the necklace when you wear this style to Prom 2019.  Instead, opt for a pair of drop-dead gorgeous earrings.

Pocket change

Everyone loves the playful details of deep pockets on a formal evening gown. Plus, it is so practical. What a great place to stash a smartphone, keys or lip gloss.

Shoulder Smoulder

Hold your head high, and show off your striking collarbones, wearing an off-the shoulder design. You will definitely be on trend looking pretty as a portrait in Sydney’s Closet Style SC7240 a striking design with a brocade off the shoulder bodice.  The look is fresh for Spring and elegance with just a little nod to your sexy side.

Under the Sea

What better way to show off your curves than to select a Prom 2019 dress in the Mermaid style. The sleek, fitted design hugs your curves in all the right places.  Perfect for the Prom Queen with an hourglass figure. 

Need help finding the 2018-2019 plus size Prom dress of your dreams? Contact us! The stylists at Sydney’s Closet would love to personally help you!