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As Seen In Seventeen Prom 2014

As Seen In Seventeen Prom 2014

Almost every teen-age girl dreams of being crowned "Prom Queen". But only one gets the honor of claiming that title. All eyes are on the Queen so she must look amazing in the absolute perfect dress. Imagine the thrill when I opened the 2014 issue of Seventeen Prom magazine to see a "Prom Queen" posing in a Sydney's Closet gown I designed. Well, it is really a beautiful brunette model posing with her Prom court in sparkling formals and ballgowns "fit for royalty".   [caption id="attachment_4212" align="aligncenter" width="461"]Plus Size Print Dress
Born Free SC7144 Featured in Seventeen Magazine
[/caption]   She looks jaw-dropping gorgeous in our "Born Free": Style SC7144. The chiffon animal print is so fresh. It's not literal. That's why I fell in love with the wild metallic pattern when I saw shopping at the giant fabric market in Asia. It's the jungle look but updated with an abstract. What fun! You're never sure whose paw prints swirl across the patterns. Maybe a lion? Or is it tiger? Perhaps a hint of a leopard? The metallic color shines brilliantly for a night as big as Prom 2014 with bronze bouncing off the ivory background. The chunky bronze stoned one-shoulder strap adds a dramatic detail. And the crowning touch: the bright blue sash and rhinestone tiara leave no doubt that she's the Prom Queen. (So does the big smile on her happy face!) Kudos have to go to the fashion-savvy editors at Seventeen for getting it. One in every five teens wears a size 14 or larger. She's the girl who: - sits next to you in math class - plays on the tennis team - shares a seat on the school bus - sings in the choir - performs in school plays - lives next door - always wears a smile So it makes perfect sense for a magazine that caters to teens to create an editorial spread that showcases a Prom Queen with real curves. How: - refreshing to see a teen-age girl who isn't stick thin steal the spotlight. - inspiring to make a plus size teen a role model - creative to come up with the idea! See all our 2014 plus size Prom dresses and let me know which one you'd feature in a teen magazine.