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Our 2016 Prom Photo Shoot

Our 2016 Prom Photo Shoot

Our Creative Team traveled from St. Louis, Missouri to Dallas, Texas for our 2016 product shoot. We ended our week long extravaganza with two days of Prom products.


20150702_180511 Beautiful plus-size models were put to the test during our two day photo shoot. Monique Robinson, Liz Shar and Katie Wijas each brought their individual style to our set. With inspiration from sweet cupcakes to Anna Nicole Smith, our models killed it! patrick and phyllis Our photographer, Patrick Langlinais from PDL Photography, and his extremely patient staff (Sean and Emilio) did an amazing job of capturing our beautiful dresses and showcasing the models' individual styles and personalities. hair and makeup on Liz Our behind-the-scenes team was fully staffed.  We could not gush more about the hair styling by Cheryl Smith. Cheryl worked diligently to ensure that our models' hair was perfect throughout each day. Ray Medrano from Beauty Dish Studios was amazing withMonique in makeup makeup! He not only helped our Prom princesses to have a flawless look but he ensured that each individual girls' makeup matched the dresses that they were wearing for the day. 20150701_090020 With wardrobe help from Beth and Sally our girls were picture-perfect ready before going on set. Both Beth and Sally did an amazing job with the face-paced days and meeting the Creative Team's requests.


Our designers worked diligently to create beautiful plus-size ball gowns, short homecoming and prom dresses, sexy curvy-hugging gowns and so much more. The new and improved designs mixed with fabulous fabrics and glistening gems, our Creative Team gushed over each dress as the model walked on set. We spent the first day, Wednesday, July 1, to shoot our Tease Prom collection sold exclusively in our authorized retailers worldwide. On the second day we focused on our Signature Collection sold online and in fine stores around the world.


Paradigm Studios was the perfect facility for our 2016 Prom photo shoot! The 16,000 square foot warehouse studio was fully equipped with natural light, scenes and any prop we could ever think of using. There were designated dressing rooms, a hair and makeup area, and even a place for our Creative Team to watch the images as they were being shot. We even had a digitech on set to help ensure that our images were coming across on screen. 20150702_184526

And so much more...

We wanted to share with our readers some of the moments from our Prom 2016 photo shoot that stood out to our Creative Team.
    • 1) Each morning we started off with a full spread - bagels, danishes, doughnuts and some fruit!
    • 2) Barry, owner of the studio, had his grand-dog, Charlie, on set. We loved having Charlie follow us around and even make a cameo with our model, Liz! Check our the pic on Instagram!
    • 3) Lunch on Day 2 - a delicious Mexican buffet with hand-crafted guacamole, chicken, beef, vegetables and home-made ranch dressing
    • 4) Each day around 3:00pm we made a Starbucks run for an extra jolt! 20150702_143120
  We can't wait to look through the amazing photography and see the beautiful dresses come to life. Look for our new Prom line at the upcoming marketplaces in August or September and also on our website!