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Plus Size Prom Dress Makes Headlines

Plus Size Prom Dress Makes Headlines

Associated Press does story on Plus Size Prom Dresses

  The phones are ringing off the hook here in St. Louis and my inbox is overflowing after Sydney's Closet was spotlighted in a recent Associated Press about the challenges of shopping for a plus size Prom dress. Thanks to Associated Press (AP) reporter Leanne Italie for writing a sensitive and informative article about the perils of shopping for Prom gowns in plus sizes. She struck a real emotional chord with readers across the U.S. I just had to share with you some of the touching emails we got from fans and friends: You rock! You just simply rock! Thank you SO MUCH! - Lilly THANK YOU for stepping up and providing beautiful dresses for the plus-size women. Growing up, I didn't go to many dances simply because I could never find a dress that I liked or didn't make me feel matronly. Your gowns are gorgeous and your services are so needed!! Wish you'd been around 20 years ago. Keep up the excellent work!! Kathy Just saw a news story on Yahoo about plus-sized prom gowns. Wish to God I heard of you two years ago, when I was looking for wedding gowns. Your selection of dresses, and your work, are awesome. Keeping you bookmarked for future use! Hannah Hi Phyllis. Just saw your company in a article and wanted to check it out. I'm too old for proms, but after seeing all of these perfectly-sized gowns, I just want to dance and dance and dance! Thanks. I've passed you along to my nieces...Christine Dear Phyllis, I just read the article you contributed to on Yahoo Shine and I have to say: THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!!! I know what its like trying to find something cute in a bigger size and it is so frustrating sometimes!! I run a fundraiser that sells gently used formals and I really feel for my clients that are looking for that glitz and glam in the larger sizes and can't find it. I, in fact, raided my own closet for them to have something fun and beautiful to wear. This is a HUGE blessing and I cannot praise you enough!!! N.R. Just heard about how the business got started and wanted to say..Thank you. Plus Size women are treated like they don't even exist. I know the feeling of having to dress like my grandmother just to find clothes. I have put this site in my "favorites" and will check it out the next time I need something special. Thanks again. Amanda Keep the fan mail coming. Absolute nothing makes me happier than knowing we make a difference in the lives of women and teens with real curves.