Have you ever heard of a promposal? Sure you know what a marriage proposal! Now apply that to high school dances.  This craze has taken off, growing in popularity and size. No mater what you and your friends do to go Prom Crazy, make sure you do it in style! We have some prom crazy suggestions for you!  


Griffy Regular   There is an App (or a few) for that!



Griffy Regular   We are suckers for a cute story!


Griffy Regular   No pain no gain!



Griffy Regular   Post about it on their ride! Give him a Prom Crazy car!


Use Post-Its

Griffy Regular   Get a pep in your step!



Griffy Regular   Who doesn't love a proposal with pepperoni?



Griffy Regular  Have a little Prom Crazy fun with Photoshop!


running from dinosaur in prom dress

Griffy Regular   In case you wanted something to quench your thirst!



Griffy Regular   Your Chemistry teachers would be so proud!



Griffy Regular    So sweet!

April 29, 2015
Tags: Prom