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What's Your 2014-2015 Plus Size Prom Dress Personality?

Purple Halter Plus Size Dress

  I'm hard at work designing your 2014-2015 plus size Prom dress. Fabrics, silhouettes and trim swirl on the creative side of my brain! But top of mind is always, "What is the personality of the curvy teen-age girl who will wear this Prom gown"? I know firsthand from experience that the gorgeous girls who wear Sydney's Closet prom gowns represent different fashion tastes and styles. So I always keep these Prom personalities in mind as I design the collection: The Princess: If this is your Prom personality, fairy tales give you a great big smile. You love to flaunt your feminine and romantic side. The highlight of your day is dressing up in pretty things. I had you in mind when I designed TE1460, a dreamy sequin and tulle ball gown for our Tease Prom Collection, sold only in fine stores. Prom ball gowns fit your romantic inclinations perfectly. When you were a little girl you loved dressing up as Cinderella. Now that you're all grown up, your Prince Charming awaits you on Prom night. (Don't forget your tiara!)

Purple Ball Gown Plus Size

  The Star : You love to capture the spotlight with your elegant and oh-so sophisticated style borrowed from the red-carpet. And you're not locked into any predetermined color! Nothing flatters you better than glamour. And you're never afraid to show off your fabulous curves. I created  SC7084, the "In the Spotlight"dress, with you in mind. The jersey fabric clings to your curves and the halter is so on trend. The Power Purple color really pops with a burst of shimmer and shine for the cameras to capture.

BodyCon Plus Size Dress

    Gothic: You're the girl who likes the darker side of fashion even for a night as big as Prom. You love to have a dramatic edge to your dress and can count on definitely being the only one wearing that style to Prom. I wouldn't think of another color for you but black. Is there really any other choice for you but our funky dress in three sophisticated laces for a real fashion web.  Wear Style SC7092, our "Come Get Me" dress, and watch the veiled skirt  be the envy of all your friends!

Plus Size Gothic Dress Black with Lace.

  Wild One: An animal lover, you instinctively wear fabrics with prints that copy the patterns made famous by big cats. If you weren't at Prom, you'd be on a safari. Nothing but a metallic animal print will do for a night as big as Prom. I designed SC7144, a one-shoulder chiffon in an eye-catching bronze foil, for you to rule the kingdom on Prom night. We just had to call this fab design "Born Free".

Animal Print Dress with Bronze Beading Plus Size

  Class Flirt: Who says Prom has to be all about big ball gowns? I design short, sassy styles to appeal to you like SC7112, our "Too Flirty" prom dress. Don't forget to wear high heels when you hike up the hemline. You're legs will look great -especially on the dance floor.

Flirty Prom Dress Plus Size Pink or Blue.

  Party Girl: There's always one girl at Prom who has the best-ever time. When nothing is more important than fun, a simple Prom dress just won't do. I know you. That's why I created SC6007, our bestselling 2014 Prom dress named "All Sparkles". The Capri Blue is selling the best - my fave!

Sparkly Prom Dress

  What your plus size prom dress personality? Let me know!