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Color Trend:  Heard It on The Grapevine

Color Trend: Heard It on The Grapevine

Passing Fancy Plus Size Cocktail Dress  
Passing Fancy SC3036 by Sydney's Closet Fall 2012
  For Fall 2012, fashionistas will loving toasting dresses with must-have colors picked straight from the vines of wine country:  Bordeaux, Cabernet, Shiraz and Cabernet - just to name a few! I found the inspiration for the "Heard it on the Grapevine Collection" for Sydney's Closet Fall 2012 over drinks with a very of my best friends.  We were all talking about hard it is for us to say "bye bye" to our tried and true Little Black Dresses.  At the same time, we were dying to break out of the black mold and bring more life to party by wearing color. I looked down at the glass of Merlot I was sipping and my friend's goblet of Shiraz to discover the inspiration for a color palette borrowed straight from the grapevine. I tested a few dye lots before finally nailing the Cabernet for "Passing Fancy", our bestselling new party dress.  At first, the netting looked too brown.   When I corrected the color, it looked too red.  On the third try, I got exactly what I wanted:  a rich, deep shade smack in-between brown and red. That provided a perfect background to use, Passamentrie,  a centuries-old technique that has always fascinated me as a design element.  Passanemtrie is a long and hard-to-pronounce French word that basically refers to decorative trimming.   For the Fall 2012 Collection, I created a swirl pattern design of braided ribbon to be sewn on the netting of a knee-length cocktail dress with short sleeves and a flattering A-line skirt. Then I scattered sequins and beads randomly over the entire pattern to add just the right amount of subtle sparkle. The result? Style  SC3036 offers a fresh, sexy fashion twist to the standard party dress. And just in case you're not ready to follow this color trend, you'll be very happy to hear that in addition to Cabernet, I bring you  "Passing Fancy" in a sultry "Smoke" color and everyone's all-time favorite,  Black.