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Pantone Color Wheel

Designer’s Take on Pantone Fall 2018 Colors

As a designer of plus-size special occasion dresses, I’m loving the bright pops of color that are anything but the predictable pumpkin, cranberry and green. The design challenge for me will be to decide which of these fabulous colors to incorporate into Sydney’s Closet Fall 2018 Collections of party, holiday and evening dresses in sizes 14 to 40. I  wish I could use each and every one of these hot hues. But I can’t!

While I wrestle through the tough decision on which colors to work into my designs, I want to share with you my thoughts on each of these hot hues. (Be sure to let me know your thoughts!)

 Red Pear

Think of Pantone color 19-1536 as anything but your apple red. The trendy red pear is a deeper, warmer shade that takes a deep bite out of brown. I find the color juicy, just like a red pear rich in fiber, Vitamin C, potassium and copper. I see it paired with neutrals for an impressive harvest of hues. You’’ be sure to turn heads wearing this eye-catching hue with an intensity that is perfect for the daring fashionista

 Valiant Poppy

I never designed a Collection of plus size special occasion dresses that doesn’t include a red dress. And Fall 2018 will be no exception. I can’t wait to work with Valiant Poppy, Pantone color 18-1549, to design a chiffon evening gown with a sweeping A-line skirt for a brave fashion look.  The woman who wears that gown will be the Lady in Red but with a bright twist to the color that is know to always captures the heart.




Nebulous Blue

Everyone, and I am no exception, loves blue. It must be something special about the association of the color with the sea and the sky.  I plan to use Nebulous Blue as a new neutral alternative to navy. Despite the name, there is nothing vague about Pantone Color 18-4048 when it comes to fashion. The shade comes alive with a  brightness that leaves me starry-eyed to find pieces designed with this hue.

Ceylon Yellow 

Who can resist wearing a little bit of sunshine any time of year. What I find intriguing, is that Ceylon Yellow,  Pantone 15-0850, takes your ordinary yellow and spices it up with a hint of green. The result?  A savory shade that lets yellow lovers wear their favorite hue well after the warm weather of Spring and Summer have faded for the crispness Autumn air.  I am tempted, for Prom 2019 designs, to pair Ceylon Yellow with a rich shade of purple for a bold and oh-so contemporary look.

Martini Olive

I am raising a glass to toast this striking shade of green that is smooth and very sophisticated.  So exciting to get the chance to design with an olive shade that isn’t so deeply drab and associated with the fashion of military garb. Far from it! This Martini Olive Pantone 18-0625 stirs the depths of green to create a sophisticated new neutral for Fall 2018. I have an idea to pair it with Russet Orange to give a real punch of a color-block design. .

Russet Orange

This is the color guaranteed to get you noticed for Fall 2018. And wake-up your wardrobe with a real jolt. With Pantone 16-1255 orange, always a favorite for Fall, makes a new splash.  Who can resist this striking shade of a color already associated with joy, sunshine and the tropics. The warm, wonderful hue would make a gorgeous chiffon cocktail dress with a magnificent matching scarf.

Ultra Violet

There is no question that Ultra Violet is a must-have hue as Pantone’s Color of the Year. The color always reminds me of the amazing cloaks and majestic robes worn by royalty. It’s rich, regal and just right for any dress worn after five. I have in mind to use Pantone 18-3838 on a short party dress sewn in embroidered lace with a full tulle skirt. Hiking the hemline off the floor makes the design younger and very fun. It’s perfect to include in Sydney’s Closet Collection of 2018 plus size Homecoming dresses.   

Crocus Petal 

I usually save the lighter shades of purple for the Spring Collections. But why wait so long when you can use a shade of lavender like Crocus Petal for Fall 2018.  Pantone 15-3520 is very feminine without being fussy. It breathes light into the usually dark fall palette. Now I just have to work up an idea on how to incorporate it into a formal gown!. I am thinking of using Mikado satin, a luxurious fabric that has the  perfect weight for a chilly Fall night.


I am always on the hunt for a color that can create a powerful statement without being overwhelming. Limelight, a yellow-green mix,  ends that search for an exciting color. The supercharged hue will need a simple silhouette to work. Snowboarders, skiers and winter sports fans fave this hue in the lenses of their glasses. I can’t think of a reason why we should limit  Pantone 12-0740 to the slopes! It’s time to take on lively Limelight when the sun goes down.

Quetzal Green 

Credit goes Meghan Markle for introducing the world to this magnetic combination of blue and green. Pantone 18-5025 takes it name from the colorful feathers of the Quetzal bird which looks like a peacock. Quetzal shares the intrigue and elegance associated with the color Peacock. A color coveted by designers for centuries.  I am considering a ball gown in Quetzal with sweeping satin skirt. Perfect for a future Princess who is going to be married to Prince Harry.