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Holiday Dress Up Tips

Are you looking to earn a big fashion bonus when you dress up for the annual company holiday party?

Then just follow our holiday party fashion tips on what to wear - and what not to wear. Your sure to impress the boss and your co-workers at the seasonal bash.

Skip novelty sweaters 

Everyone from the mail room to the corner office knows it’s the holidays. You don’t need to look like a department store window decorated in December when show up for the office shindig. Leave the knitted tops embellished with Santa Claus, snowmen, reindeer, elves or candy canes at home.  They won't be missed.

Don't bare it all!

Save the super sexy look for a hot date or your husband. For the boss, it's better to look nice not naughty. You don't want to risk getting in hot water with the supervisors by leaving nothing to anyone’s imagination. Play it safe and be more lady-like with less revealing party dresses. The last thing you want is to be the topic of gossip at the water-cooler the next morning. So skip the skin tight pants, mini-skirts and necklines and backs that plunge way too low.

Keep Bridesmaid or Prom dress closeted

This is not the time to pull that favorite Prom dress or forgotten bridesmaid dress out of the closet to recycle for another celebration. Don't be tempted because you only wore it once and want to get more use out of the dress.

You just risk looking like you’re ready to walk down an aisle at a wedding or pose for high school pictures in a cloud of tulle or taffeta with your date. If your holiday celebration is a black tie event, go for a long formal dress with a classic design.

Remember, just because the invitation says "black tie" your evening gown doesn't have to be black! Instead, go for a holiday inspired jewel tone like emerald or navy or crimson for a very classy look. Dress it up with accessories that sparkle in gold or silver.

Bye bye bling!

Avoid too many sequins, rhinestones or glitter on your holiday dress, skirt or top. Too much tinsel is not how you want to gain attention. Best to leave the heavy sparkle for the Christmas tree decorations or gift wrapping. A little shine goes a long way – even under the mistletoe! This is a case where less is more flattering and still very festive.

Still not sure what to wear, remember, you can never go wrong with a simple black cocktail dress. Add a party look with high heels, rhinestone jewelry and an evening bag for the corporate crowd.

Take the same dress and dress it down for with a jean jacket and boots if your casual workplace means an informal gathering around a desk or at someone’s house, restaurant or bar.

Whatever you wear, always keep in mind, the most important accessory for the company party is a smile. It’s guaranteed to make you feel very merry – and everyone else too.

Happy Holidays to all!


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