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The Perfect Prom Hairstyles

The Perfect Prom Hairstyles

Updated: Novemebr 16, 2020

Are you wearing a black lace sheath dress with a veiled skirt? For a look as Gothic as that, opt for a hair-do that is sleek, simple and dramatic. Wearing a Cinderella style prom ball gown? Opt for a softer hairdo that is very girly like loose waves or soft curls. You'll want to think of a style suitable for a Princess - or Prom Queen!.

Stylish & Formal Hair styles for prom should compliment more than your dress. Your mane event should also be coordinated with your Prom accessories, including jewelry and shoes. Got real curves?  Then you want to be sure to steer clear of hair styles that pile on extra volume on the crown of your head. That will do nothing to flatter a fuller figure.

Keep your eye on the red carpet for hot hairstyles that work for any length hair. The mane event spotted on Hollywood stars always turns heads!For a perfect crowning touch, consider a tiara if you're for the Princess look in a ball gown with a full skirt.

JK2016 in fuschia Johnathan Kayne for Sydney's Closet modeled by Music By Chel wave hair style

Ride the waves

  • Sexy, sweet look created when you tousle your locks.
  • Perfect if you have curly hair but first blow dry straight
  • Forget this hair style for thin or super fine hair









Forehead fringe

  • Bangs with a wispy and very updated look
  • Reserved for hair that’s straight
  • Small facial features: watch that bangs don’t overwhelm your face

Party tails

  • Fancy ponytails dress up any Prom hair up do
  • Works only on hair that reaches your shoulders or longer
  • Short hair? Try extensions to get this look But ne sure to practice ahead of the big night. (Just in case you don't love the look you can leave yourself time to find a Plan B)

SC7306 navy sequins prom dress with half up half down hairstyle

Pin Up Girl

  • Half the hair gets pinned up and the other half down.
  • Ideal when you don’t know whether you want your hair down or you want a hair up do for Prom.
  • Keeps the eye drawn to your face

Bob comes back

  • Sassy, sharp bob hair cut revived from the 1960s
  • Works wonders on short hair for Prom
  • Best saved for straight hair or use a Sedu




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