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Q & A WIth Marcy Guevara - How to Measure Video BTS

Q & A WIth Marcy Guevara - How to Measure Video BTS

How to Measure for a Plus Size Dress




Q and A with Guest Marcy Guevara


Q: What did you do to prepare for the video?

A: Scripting is an important part of pre-production and for this particular project it was incredibly important for me to get all of the important points! I love going off the cuff, but sometimes you have to plan ahead, especially when dealing with products or teaching a specific skill. 

Q: Where did you shoot the video? 

A: We shot this at the most charming shop in the valley (here in LA) called Unique Vintage.  It was tough for Kelsey and I to focus at times because there were so many lovely things to look at!


Q: What was the biggest challenge in making the video?

A: Shooting in a location that is bustling with shoppers and on-lookers can be challenging, but as a host, I love a challenge!  The show must go on, so you have to stay focused and also be amiable to those who have questions about who you are and what you're doing.


Q: Anything odd, funny or interesting happen during the shoot?

A: A couple and their bridesmaids came in while we were shooting this, so I had some fun playing dress up with them and giving them some pointers for the big day!


Q:What do you always have in your bag (pocketbook) on set?

A: My on-set must haves are:   cough drops, double-stick tape, good music, fun and hard working people, a great selection of shoes and accessories, snacks to keep yourself (and your crew) happy and lots of straws!  There are a million things I could list, but really, if you have great people surrounding you, you can make anything work.

Q: What did you wear?

A:I felt fabulous in SC's Black Diamond.  It is quite literally the PERFECT "Little Black Dress".  I loved how glam it is and how it fit!  I felt confident and sad I didn't have anywhere spectacular to go right after!


Q: Loved your lipstick, what color?

A: My makeup artist that day is one of the best in the biz, Caren Elle, and she is constantly concocting her own colors! She works with this amazing palette and the biggest problem with using her on shoots is that everyone ALWAYS wants to know where they can buy my lipstick!! 


Q: Who was your cameraman? Have you worked with him/her before?

A: I met Ed Wu on Marie Claire's "Big Girl in a Skinny World" and he is a total professional.  I love working with people who aren't afraid to wear several hats and step in where needed.  We had to do a bit of work with our "set" and Ed's vision truly transformed the space.  When you are working with a team it is important to hire people who aren't afraid to get their hands dirty and are willing to do whatever it takes to make it happen! 


Q: Was this your first time as a guest host for Sydney’s Closet? 

A: Yes and I loved it! Who doesn't love dressing in fancy gowns with lots of bling!?!?   


Q: Can we look forward to seeing you again?

A: I am thrilled to say YES and looking forward to bring the SC fans lots of exciting content and sneak peek's into the world of sizing up glamour! 

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