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The Low Down on High-Low Dresses

The Low Down on High-Low Dresses

Trend Alert!  For 2011, Prom dresses with high-low hemlines are all the rage.  What's a high-low dress?  It's really simple. The front of the dress features a skirt with a shorter length skirt.  The back of the dress dips low to the floor.  The result: the best of both worlds in one dress.  The front is styled with the fun of a flirty cocktail dress that hits at or above the knees.  The back of the dress drapes with the elegance of a formal evening gown.  Now the trend extends to almost every special occasion dress. We're spotting high-low hemlines on wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses and evening dresses. Style savvy shoppers love the chance to show off their great legs and create a real head-to-toe glam look with show-stopping shoes. Designers just want to have fun with the hi-low hems whether they use chiffon, taffeta, satin or lace fabric. Some create a real fashion pop by lining the skirt in a contrasting color or playful polka dots. Others make a  fashion roar by lining the dress in a bold animal print.  Here at Sydney's Closet, the Fashion Team is working hard on a high-low dress for Prom 2012. Of course, the new design is still under wraps. But we can tell you the 2012 Prom dress will feature a form-fitting bodice with a sweetheart neck and a skirt that skims the knees in the front and falls to the floor in the back.  The look is sure to make a dramatic entrance - and exit- at Prom 2012! Do you think this trend is tasteful? tacky? trashy? Would you wear a high-low dress to Prom 2012 or to your next special occasion? Let us know. We'd love to hear from you!