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Ultimate Guide to Stress-Free Shopping for a Plus Size Prom Dress

Ultimate Guide to Stress-Free Shopping for a Plus Size Prom Dress

Big girls don’t have to cry when you shop for the Prom dress of your dreams.  If you’ve got curves, we’ve got the Ultimate Guide to Stress-Free Shopping from Sydney’s Closet.

And remember, teen-age girls of all sizes and shapes experience body image issues when they look at themselves in the mirror shopping for a formal gown for the big night.

Shopping Online for a Plus Size Prom Dress

It’s never too early to start shopping online for a Prom gown in plus sizes. With just a few clicks, you will discover more choices than you ever dreamed possible. And you don’t even have to leave home to begin browsing. (No one will ever know you are in your pjs!)

The selection online is practically endless. And you get to preview the dresses before they even hit the store.

When you get ready to order, compare your bust, waist and hip measurements with the size chart for your dress. There are no standard sizes when it comes to plus size Prom dresses. Sizes vary wildly among manufacturers.  And never assume you wear the same size as you do in everyday clothes for school.  Those tend to be stretchy knits but a formal dress will be more structured and little to no stretch.

Check the return and exchange policy before you hit the buy button. Make sure you are comfortable with the website’s terms and policies.

A word of warning! You need to be very careful shopping online. Not all websites that sell plus size Prom dresses can be trusted. Thousands based in China sell shoddy fakes of the real designer gowns. Some take your money and never send a dress.  Click here to learn more to avoid getting scammed. Check a design’s official site to learn if a website is an Authorized Retailer and stick with well- established websites like Sydney’s Closet, the fairy godmother of 2018 plus size Prom dresses.

Shopping in a Store Near You for a Plus Size Prom Dress

You’ll be off to a strong start if you search the Internet for Prom stores near you that carry plus size. Still unsure? Call ahead. Don’t be shy when searching for a store that caters to curvy teens shopping for Prom dress. Ask:

  • what is the size range of plus size gowns available to try on and in stock?
  • which designers and name brands does the store carry in plus sizes?
  • does the store carry collections like Tease Prom that are not sold online?
  • does the store carry a wide variety of Prom designs and looks in plus sizes?
  • is anyone on the staff experienced in helping fit plus size Prom customers?

If you want the most advice and attention, avoid shopping between the peak Saturday hours of 11 A.M. and 3 P.M.  If you must go on a Saturday, get there early or come late. Better yet, go after school on weekday or check for weekday evening hours that many stores offer during the peak Prom season.

Dressing Room Homework

Before you head to the store, you’ll need to do some fashion homework:

  • Wear undergarments that fit you well, look pretty and are comfy. If possible, wear a strapless bra. That gives you the advantage of being able to try on a wide variety of Prom dress designs, including backless and strapless, to see how they look on your body.

Wearing shapewear, like Spanx, under a plus-sized Prom dress is always an option to smooth out your curves so the dress fits better. But remember the final choice is yours. If you’re not comfortable in shapewear, skip it. Your curves will look great just the way they are!

  • Bring dress shoes about the same height as the heels or flats you plan to wear to prom.
  • Carry a bottle of water. Trying on all those gorgeous gowns is a real workout that can leave you feeling dehydrated.

One last tip! Before you head out the door, be sure to collect images of your fave styles on your phone to show the store sales staff. 

Once at the store,  remain open minded. Just because you don’t like a dress on the hanger, agree to give it a fair chance.  Try it on. You could be very surprised. It may just be the Prom dress of your dreams!