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Kathryn Morris Real Bride Real Glamour

Kathryn Morris Real Bride Real Glamour

Updated: October 16, 2020

Kat's mother had a few tears in her eyes when she saw her daughter modeling our best-selling A-line wedding gown called "My Romance". 

Kathryn "Kat" Morris of Maryland

True to Her Curves

Before and after pictures of a plus size bride modeling a lace wedding gown.

Q: How old are you?
A: 28

Q: How would you describe your style?
A: I call it “teacher style” – it comes with the job! But I do like showing my curves, with a touch of glamour. I like little details in things, like a bit of lace. I love putting on make-up and jewelry, too. It pulls everything together.

Q: Where do you love to shop online? Offline?
A: I’m a firm believer in trying things on, so I like shopping in stores, but I shop online, too. I really like Forever 21’s plus size line; they have fashion that fits. I really wasn’t that into them until they started the plus size line, and now it’s my favorite. I also like Lane Bryant for professional clothes, and H&M has some good pieces, too.

Q: What inspires your True to Your Curves look?
 A: I definitely love watching YouTube videos - even makeup artists on YouTube can inspire an outfit for me. I’ll watch their videos and get a whole look from them. I’m not the best with colors and putting them together, but the videos help influence my look. I really like Jaclyn Hill and Marlena from Makeup Geek. Marlena has her own makeup line, and she does an outfit of the day for the curvy girl. 

I also love What Not to Wear; the show really taught me how to dress my figure. I started to watch Stacey London’s new show (Love, Lust, or Run) now that What Not to Wear is over and I like it - but I miss Clinton!

Q: What is your pet peeve about the fashion world?
A: Beauty standards and “photoshopping” give women a false sense of what they are supposed to look like. Dove® really started the trend against this with their “Real Beauty” campaign. I feel strongly about this, especially as a high school teacher. I see girls where I work who feel that they are not enough. So it’s great to finally see somebody in a campaign who looks like you! The fashion world shouldn’t be all about showing skinny women either. It should be about showing everything: different heights, sizes, ethnicities, and more. 

Q: What makes you laugh?
A: My fiancée. I love his sense of humor. And my students make me laugh for sure. When they say “kids say the darndest things,” it’s really true!

Q: What is the best fashion advice that you ever received?
A: Focus on the things you like about your body. No one can tell what size you’re wearing. But they can tell when you feel and look good – people read that confidence.

Q: What is the best fashion advice you ever gave?
A: Same as the above ;)

Q: Who is your favorite curvy celebrity and why?
A: Ashley Graham, the plus size model who has been getting a lot of publicity for her swimsuit ad in Sports Illustrated. She’s beautiful and confident, and it shows.

Q: Tell us your favorite/LOL moment from the photo shoot today.
A: OK there were two funny moments so far:  When I was getting into my dress for the shoot today, the stylist was helping make sure everything fit. She’s a pro and she’s definitely been doing this for a while, so she didn’t think twice to – well - get everything into place if you know what I mean! She apologized for jumping right in but I said, “It’s OK, do what you need to do!”

And some of the girls here today speak Spanish, so when we were waiting before the shoot one of the girls said, “your faja (corset or shapewear) is showing.” We all laughed and started showing off our fajas; we joked that we could make our own photo shoot with all the kinds underwear we are wearing!

Q: What are some of the plans for your wedding?
A: Vegas! My fiancé and I went there for a wedding two years ago. We had such a great time – we are such fun loving people and we thought, “This is perfect!” That’s all we have planned so far. And that’s why I brought my mom with me today to the shoot; it’s my first time trying on a wedding dress. It was a lot of fun. For me it was more exciting than emotional. And it was so nice to put on a dress made for my shape. Other boutiques have a sample size I can’t put on, and here it just zipped right up! They’ve got me covered here.

Q: What item in your closet can’t you live without?
A: Pencil skirts – I love pencil skirts. I love shirts with a touch of easy glamour, too. I like pieces that already look put together.

Q: What fashion trend are you loving right now?
A: I definitely love the emerald green and burgundy colors from Fall/Winter. I’m still liking a lot of the trends from Fall; maybe it’s the cold weather. I also love the “Kylie Jenner lip:” it’s a really vampy lip color. I love the effect of that dark tone. And for Spring, I’m liking winged eyeliner. It looks a little more toned down this season, just off the edge of the eye.