A wedding tradition dating back to ancient Greece, today's bridal veils are a fashion statement that add a sheer touch of mystery and elegance to your wedding gown.

Styling Tips:

  • Blusher veils work for either informal wedding dresses or formal bridal gowns.
  • Fingertip length veils are best for formal and semi-formal weddings
  • Chapel or Cathedral length veils go only with formal wedding dresses designed with trains in chapel or Cathedral length.
  • Shorter veils will show off more detail on the back of your wedding dress
  • Try your veil on with the hair style you’ll wear at the wedding
  • Dress up a simple gown with an ornate veil
  • Dress down an ornate gown with a simple veil

Bridal Veils Defined

  • Ballet Length Veil: veils typically fall to the bride's knees and measures about 60 inches. Also known as a Waltz length veil.
  • Blusher Veil: short, single veil worn shoulder length or short and forward to cover the bride's face as she enters the ceremony and worn pushed back afterward attached to a longer veil.
  • Cascade Length Veil: several layers of veiling of varying lengths to give a waterfall affect.
  • Cathedral Length Veil:  falls 3 1/2 yards from the headpiece, usually worn with a cathedral train so it will fall several feet behind the bride - like a wedding gown train. Best styled with a cathedral length train.
  • Chapel Length Veil: this veil falls 2 1/2 yards from the headpiece to or near the floor. Shorter version of Cathedral veil. Best styled with a Chapel length train.
  • Elbow Length Veil : considered less formal style; this style reaches to the elbow. Perfect for a casual, beach or destination wedding.
  • Fingertip Length Veil: touches the fingertips when the bride's arms are held straight at the sides. Sophisticated look for any wedding gown.
  • Fly-Away Veil : several layers of fabric brush the shoulders; favorite for informal dress.This is a many layered veil that will barely reach to the shoulder.
  • Mantilla Veil: lace-trimmed design frames the bride's face; typically fastened with a comb or hair pins for a classic. Adds the air of a Spanish look.
  • Pouf Veil: short design that gathers and attaches to a headpiece; favorite for informal wedding dress or a short wedding dress.
  • Waltz Length: this design veil is long flowing from a headpiece to the bride's knees. It is also called a Ballet Veil.  Best choice for wedding dresses without trains.

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