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Tips for Choosing the Best Dress Neckline

Heavy hips: Draw the eye up with details such as beading around the neckline. Be careful not to overdo it.

Full busted: Shop for off-the-shoulder portrait or v-neckline. Keep bodice simple with as few details as possible. Stay away from a high neck and low necklines heavy beading. Stick with a sweetheart or V neckline or off the shoulder.

Small bust: Look larger by adding delicate details and on-the-shoulder necklines and wear a Jewel neckline if you have narrow shoulders.

Broad shoulders: Stay away from necklines that are low and super size sleeves embellished with beads or lace. Stick with lighter beading and simple sleeves. Avoid halter necklines.



(French for "boat"): extends straight from should to shoulder; covers collarbone; slight curve at front


Take a real fashion plunge with this deep and sometimes revealing V-neckline.


A plunging V-collar that hooks around back of the neck. Shoulders and back are bare.


See through fabric such as tulle, netting or lace covers the neckline and shoulders to the bust.


A high, rounded neckline that falls just at the base of your neck


A neckline fabric frames the shoulders but leaves them bare. Often gathered in the center above the bust line and embellished with a decorative detail.

Queen Anne

A heart-shaped or sweetheart shape in front. High collar stands in back.


Follows the contour of the collarbone from shoulder to shoulder like the bateau, but starts further in from the shoulder so the opening is narrower.


A low curved neckline cut deep in front, back or both. Can be low in front. Very flattering for full figured women and teens.


Takes it’s name from the shape of a half-square cutout right at the neckline.


Heart-shaped at the bust line.

Wedding Band Collar

High-necked, fitted, standing collar