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Video Gallery

Welcome to Sydney’s Closet Video Gallery! It’s a fabulously fun place to kick back and see Sydney’s Closet Fashion Team in motion. Step behind the scenes to capture the excitement at our outrageous photo shoots. Watch the models in hair and makeup and wardrobe before they walk on set.

Go behind the camera and see what the photographer captures in the lens.

You might be surprised to see what goes on at our photo shoots whether at a studio in St. Louis or on location in New York or L.A Come inside our design room to watch where our Plus Size Dress Collections start as “We Size Up Glamour®”.

We‘d love to be able to add videos of our Happy Customers modeling our beautiful evening dresses.

Send us a video of yourself in a Sydney’s Closet gown and we’ll send you a gift certificate!



Authentic Sydney's Closet plus size special occasion dresses combine an expert fit,
original design, and high quality materials sewn to our strict quality standards.

Unscrupulous websites based in China steal our copyright photographs.
Then they try to fool you into thinking you're getting a real Sydney's Closet design.

But you never will! What you'll get is a fake that fits poorly, is in a different color,
made with inferior fabric, and sewn poorly.

The cheap counterfeits are such a fashion disaster that not even a
Fairy Godmother could wave her magic wand to fix them for your Prom, wedding or other special occasion.
Even worse, counterfeit dresses purchased online are virtually impossible to return.

If the price is too good to be true, it's for sure a fake! Save yourself the aggravation and disappointment
of being scammed and the risk of never getting your money back. Or even worse, getting your credit card information compromised. 

There's an easy way to be sure you are buying a real Sydney's Closet Prom, Wedding or Evening dress.
Only shop at an Authorized Retailer.  

Not sure if a website or store is authorized to carry our authentic collection?
Just contact us. We'll be glad to tell you!

Thousands of shoppers around the world buy fake special occasion dresses online each year.
Don't let your dream dress turn into a nightmare.

Have you been scammed buying a counterfeit dress? 
Share you story with us and receive a free gift.