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All About The Dress 2019 Retailer Highlight

All About The Dress 2019 Retailer Highlight

Location: Victoria, TX

Carries: Prom & Bridal

When & why did you start selling formal wear?

All About The Dress was founded in 2011. Prior to opening AATD I was a wedding planner and decorator for 12 years but I always wanted a dress store. From as early as I can remember I've loved the beauty and elegance of evening gowns which led me into competing in several pageants. So when the opportunity knocked, I opened the door!

What is unique about your store?

Our store has a very open layout. Every time a new customer walks in you can hear them gasp and say "Oh wow!"

What trends are you noticing for prom this year?

Simple glitter fabrics are huge this year!

Tease Prom TE1951 Navy

Describe the biggest accomplishment so far for your business.

We've had several accomplishments from being voted Best of the Best 5 yrs in a row to rebuilding our store after hurricane Harvey.

Describe what a new customer could expect while visiting your store.

All of your needs will be met when working with our friendly stylists at All About The Dress. From your dress to your shoes, we will ensure that your look is complete.

Tell us a funny story about an experience in your store.

This really isn't funny but its super cute! We used to have these sequin pillows that changed colors depending on which way the sequins laid. We had a young prom shopper come in with a few of her friends and one just happened to be a boy who was interested in asking her to prom. As she was trying on dresses with her friends he took 5 of our pillows and drew a letter on each one spelling out PROM! The last pillow he drew a ? and when she came out of the dressing room he had these pillows placed across the couch for her and he was holding the ? in his hands. Of course she said YES!

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