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Behind the Scenes: Prom 2014 Photo Shoot

Every wonder what it takes for Sydney's Closet to create the fabulous, fun Prom photos featured on our website? Get a good idea by looking at the talented crew that pulled off this weekend's Prom 2014 Photo Shoot at Studio Altius in St. Louis:
  • three drop-dead talented models flown in from Chicago, New York and L.A.
  • two steamers working one week pressing five dozen designs for 2014 Prom gowns
  • seamstress
  • photographer and assistant
  • videographer
  • fashion stylist
  • wardrobe mistress and two assistants
  • producter
  • production assistant
  • hair stylist
  • makeup artist
  • driver for 18 foot UHaul truck to move dresses, accessories and props to photo studio
(Should we mention that the plan to roll the racks packed with dresses onto the truck failed when the rack was an inch too high to clear ceiling of the van?!?) Before we call "It's a Wrap!" we always make it tradition to have the final photo of the shoot capture the entire Sydney's Closet crew!