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Countdown China Design Trip January 2014

China It's never easy getting ready to travel 8,500 miles from our headquarters here in St. Louis to China.  But the wicked winter weather is only making getting ready for this trip tougher. The Polar Plunge that blasted through this weekend forced us indoors for two days when the wind chill dropped to a life-threatening -25 degrees.  That played havoc with our plans to get as much done as we could Sunday and Monday.

So now we're scrambling to make it all happen very fast.  It's really here.  The countdown China Design Trip January 2014 .  Yikes!  We have less than 48 hours until we leave.  That puts us all in a total fashion frenzy!  So much to do in so little time.  How will we ever get it done?  (We really don't have a choice!)  Here's our latest to-do list:
  • try last-minute samples on our fit mannequin
  • organize fabric swatches in a notebook
  • stuff samples into space-saving storage bags
  • photocopy passports and visas - just in case!
  • leave itinerary for staff, family and friends
  • charge international cell phone and all our other electronic devices
  • test drive our new Microsoft RT tablet - very excited to use!
  • check weather in Hong Kong and Guangzhou
  • pack our clothes
  • find time for a mani and pedi - hopefully!
  • get out more luggage
  • try to remember what else we forgot to put on this list!
Leaving on a jet plane The good news is that Arctic air is finally moving East.  But we're not out of the woods just yet.  Weather forecast is for more snow Wednesday night and Thursday morning.  That has us worried.  We are scheduled to leave Lambert, St. Louis airport at 7 A.M. Thursday for Chicago where we are booked on a 2 P.M. flight to Hong Kong.  Please keep your fingers crossed our flights don't get cancelled, and we are lucky enough to make all our connections! We'll keep you posted on how the travel plans go.  So check back here at our blog often for our updates and new photos from China. That way you can plan to join the Fashion Team as we design our new Evening, Cocktail, Bridal and Prom Collections.   You don't even need a passport to come along!  Wish us Bon Voyage and safe travels! P.S. Can't wait to learn what happens on our January 2014 design trip? Then all you have to do is watch the video of street scenes from our March 2013 trip to Guangzhou, China.  Hint: don't miss the "milk man"!