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Customer Testimonial - That Dress

Customer Testimonial - That Dress

The team at Sydney's Closet had the opportunity to meet up with the ladies from That Dress based in Rincon, Georgia and learn about their experience working with Sydney's Closet. 

The girls shared that they had many conversations with our CFO, Mat Librach (husband of designer/founder Phyllis Librach), over their course of working with us. We were so pleased to learn that they absolutely love Matt and his customer service with their business. 

They shared with us a specific story they had experienced working with a bride who had a request for color in her wedding dress.

"When we called (Mat), we had a bride that wanted red and black in her dress. (Mat) answered, because every time we call, he answers the phone. He found us the red and black dress size 32. It was SC7215. He said 'hold on one second and I'll get right back to you.' He put us on hold, came right back on and shipped it out the next day."

"Every time we call, Matt answers. He's always there for us! He is the most helpful. When he says he's going to call you back, he calls you back! And he send (the dress) out the next day. We couldn't be happier."

We loved getting to talk with the ladies from That Dress! It's always a pleasure hearing from our retailers about their experience working with us. If you have a story you would love to share, email!