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Discover Lindsay Adler Photography

Discover Lindsay Adler Photography

One of our good friends, stylist Steffany Allen, contacted us about featuring our plus size dresses for a how-to photo shoot with Lindsay Adler Photography. After doing some research and getting to know her, our staff could not be more impresses with Lindsay's drive, creativity and artistic eye. What pushed us over the edge was her desire to help young photographers learn the craft. Discover Lindsay Adler Photography and learn why our Fashion Team can't get enough of her! lindsay adler

Photo Shoot information:

  Photographer: Lindsay Adler   Model: Jenna Rusnak (Instagram: @jeyrus_model) from True Model Management (Instagram: @truemodelmgt)   Hair & Makeup Artist: Griselle Rosario (Instagram: @grisellemua)   Location: NYC, NY at Dream Shoot Studio (Instagram: @dreamshootstudio)   Stylist: Steffany Allen (Instagram: @steffyfullstyle)   [caption id="attachment_9448" align="aligncenter" width="635"]model jenna in te1513 Model Jenna looking fabulous in our red-hot Tease Prom gown. Shot by Lindsay Adler Photography. [/caption]  

Our Interview with Lindsay

Describe your business, photography style and business history briefly. I’ve been a professional photographer for 15 years and opened my first business as a small town portrait photographer. While I’ve experimented with a wide range of different specialties in photography, today I focus on beauty and fashion photography. My style is clean, bold and graphic imagery. I often shoot high contrast black and white, or images with a bold and demanding use of color. lindsay adler classes As a photographer I’ve also become a respected educator, teaching to tens of thousands of photographers around the world every year.   Where do you call home?  I live in New York City on the Upper West Side, and have been a photographer here in the city for the last 6 years. My studio is located in Chelsea in a great building full of art galleries and other creators.   How did you get into photography? Describe your work experience.  I began photography as a past time and way to spend time with the women in my family. Both my mother and grandmother were hobbyist photographers, and even my aunt loved to shoot! Slowly what began as a way to bond with those I loved, I suddenly discovered my talent and passion for this craft.   At age 15 my mother helped me start my own portrait business in upstate NY where I focused on portraits and weddings. After several years of building my business, I went to Syracuse University where I received a degree in Photography, Political Science and Entrepreneurship. In college I discovered fashion photography and then began building my fashion portfolio. Eventually, I moved to New York City, where now I have my own fashion and portrait studio.   I’ve been published in dozens of incredible magazines and am currently the author of 4 books.   What has been your most memorable photography session and why? It is extremely hard to decide my most memorable photography session. I am constantly trying to grow as a photographer, and always plan on my next shoot being my greatest.   [caption id="attachment_9459" align="aligncenter" width="300"]lindsay adler desert pictures NOISE Magazine Shoot in Dubai. Photo Credit: Lindsay Adler Photography[/caption] I think one shoot that stands apart from the rest was an editorial I shot for NOISE Magazine in the deserts outside of Dubai. The landscape, model, clothing and overall scene was just epic and I love the resulting images.  dark chocolate bar What is your favorite food?  Dark chocolate.   Nikon or Cannon?  I am a Canon Explorer of Light, a distinction and honor given to a very small number of photographers in the world for outstanding imagery and dedication to photographic education. In fact, I am the youngest ever Explorer and one of the few female educators!   What is your favorite type of event to shoot? Wedding, portraits, kids, other? Why? Fashion photography is my favorite specialty within photography because I love the creative freedom it affords the photographer. All elements of the frame become tools to express the photographers vision and tell a story. There are no rules, but instead endless options for creative expression.   How would you describe your fashion style? Clean, bold and graphic fashion photography is my definitive style. I very often use a splash of red to demand attention within my frame.   If you could shoot at any location in the world, where would it be and why?  I really want to explore the ruins of Cambodia. I will be traveling there this fall/winter and I’m excited to scout. I love epic landscapes and environments that have a story seeping out of each and every corner. The environment becomes my muse.   5bigdalDo you have a charity or organization with whom you work? Please share!  Each year I work with an organization called 5 Day Deal. For 5 Days we focus on promoting this charity education bundle sale to raise money for several worthy organization, and this year raised nearly $220,000 for great causes!           What is one word or phrase you catch yourself saying too often? Perfect! When photographing a model I often find myself shouting “perfect” when I see exactly what I want to capture through my lens.   Natural light or studio light?  Both! Light is one of the most powerful tools available to photographers, and different light has different applicability depending on the desired outcome.   Can you share your all time favorite image that you have taken and why?  I always plan on my next photograph being my best photo. (What a great answer!)  inspiration What advice would you give to an aspiring photographer? Rejection isn’t failure. We all encounter rejection and that should not decrease your self-worth or value of your talent. Perhaps a client or person wasn’t a good fit for your specialty. Perhaps it just wasn’t an opportune time. Don’t let rejection destroy you-- its all part of the process of growth and success!        

Want more of Lindsay Adler?

Check her out at: Website: Education: Email: Facebook: Lindsay Adler Photography Twitter: @lindsayadler Instagram: @lindsayadler_photo