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Offering the "ultimate shopping experience" for all things Rock & Roll, 33 Star not only offers clothing and accessories but an amazing atmosphere for their clientele. 33 Star has everything from casual wear to formal wear and from brands well known throughout the world. Get to know 33 Star and feel their rock and roll vibe!   Store Name: 33 STAR (THIRTY THREE STAR)33 star   Store City & State: Jacksonville Beach, Florida   What products do you offer? Prom, Social, Informal, Menswear, & Shoes/Accessories   When did you first open your business? November 25, 2011   starbucksHow do you and your staff recharge after a long day? We run around the store and act crazy, also we load up on carbs and Starbucks.   What characteristic do you most admire in your staff? How well we all work together when we have all 9 dressing rooms full, 7 girls in our waiting lounge, and up to hour long waits to try on. We all just kinda go with the flow.   Describe the biggest accomplishment so far for your business. Too long to list....   Does your store have any nicknames? If so, what are they and why? "Rock and Roll boutique." -because people know us for all of our band t-shirts.   "The dress store at the beach." -because everything else at the beach is food or a bar.rock and roll   "One stop shop." -because you can come here and literally get everything you need for your event when you purchase your formal or casual item. Also because the parents(especially the dads/husbands/boyfriends) can shop as well.   "The haunted place at the beach." -because we are haunted. We have had 2 books written about us, been in magazines, and Local Haunts has done two episodes on our store. We have also had a medium come into the store and do readings.   "The place with the ghost in dressing room #3." -because we have a ghost that has once haunted a customer in dressing room #3, she came out freaking out and crying.   Name two things you would like future customers to know about your store. 1) We thrive to give our customers the best experience once the step foot in the door till the time they leave. 2) We want to make the experience fun, easy, and well worth that 5 hour drive they make sometimes.   What is your go-to food, drink or restaurant for staff events? CHICK-FIL-A, STARBUCKS, PIZZA, SUBS [caption id="attachment_9722" align="aligncenter" width="300"]chick-fil-a Chick-fil-A Logo. (PRNewsFoto/Chick-fil-A, Inc.) THIS CONTENT IS PROVIDED BY PRNewsfoto and is for EDITORIAL USE ONLY**[/caption]   What are you most known for? Rock & Roll men & women's clothing, our wide variety of concert and band t-shirt, prom, pageant, homecoming, and plus size.   Which Sydney's Closet dress is your all time favorite? Why? ALL OF THEM! SERIOUSLY, ALL OF THEM!   Anything else you would like to share? WE LOVE SYDNEY'S CLOSET! SHOW US SOME LOVE:)   Why does Sydney's Closet do really well in your business? Because you cannot find dresses to fit like they do anywhere else close to Jacksonville.   Name 3 things that are always stocked in your office or break room. LOTS AND LOTS OF GUM! We always have at least 6 containers of gum to choose from at all times. Water.   Want to get to know 33 STAR even more or make an appointment? All of their contact information is below, just for you!   Facebook: THIRTY THREE STAR FORMAL Instagram: THIRTYTHREESTARFORMAL Twitter: THIRTYTHREESTARFORMAL Store Website: Store Phone: 904.853.6385 Store Email:   Look for dresses from our Tease Prom Collection at 33 STAR!   [su_carousel source="media: 9727,9725,9396,9415,9692,9395,9724,9726,9691" limit="30" height="420" responsive="no" items="2" title="no" pages="yes" mousewheel="no" autoplay="500" speed="2000"][su_carousel source="media: 8405,8404,8403,8402,8401,8399,8398" limit="14" link="custom" width="500" height="140" responsive="no" pages="yes" autoplay="500" speed="2000"][su_carousel source="media: 8405,8404,8403,8402,8401,8399,8398" limit="14" link="custom" width="400" height="160" responsive="no" pages="yes" autoplay="500" speed="2000"][/su_carousel]