With more than 35 years in business, Bridals by CC is the perfect place for brides and prom girls in Alabama. Get to know the staff at Bridals by CC and see how they keep customers coming back!  

Store Name: Bridals By CC   Store City & State: Albertville, Alabama

bridals by cc   What products do you offer? Prom, Bridal, Social, Informal, Children, Shoes/Accessories   When did you first open your business? October 30, 1980   How do you and your staff recharge after a long day? After a real long day we try to discuss the days events and having several laughs.   If you were to tell one person "Thank You" for helping you become the person you are today, who would it be and what did they do? My Mother. She taught me patience, kindness and the will to never give up on my dreams.   What characteristic do you most admire in your staff? Friendly, well informed, willing to spend as much time as needed to help a girl find her dress.   What would a "perfect" day look like for you? Many girls going out the door with a dress and smiles on their faces.   Describe the biggest accomplishment so far for your business. Keeping inventory current, the store neat, clean and organized. Last year re-modeling the complete store. Increasing our customer base. bridals by cc   If you could choose to do anything for a day, what would it be? Sit by the pool.   What is the best business advice you have been given? Be honest, kind and make sure every girl is treated special.   Name two things you would like future customers to know about your store. We try to help every girl to find that "Perfect" dress. Friendly and helpful.   What is your go-to food, drink or restaurant for staff events? My kitchen.   Which celebrity would you love to have walk into your store? Why?queen latifa Queen Latifah. She is a plus size celeb that has no problem with her size and dresses awesome. I'm sure she could give us lots of tips.   What are you most known for? Most current styles of Prom and Bridal. In store alterations. Quick delivery on bride maids dresses. Giving good customer service to all girls. Providing sizes 0 to 40.   te1510Which Sydney's Closet dress is your all time favorite? Why? TE1510. Perfect dress for girls with curves.   Why does Sydney's Closet do really well in your business? Up to date reasonable dresses. Sizing more true to clothing.   Name 3 things that are always stocked in your office or break room. Water, tissue, crackers.   What are the unique strengths of your store and your customer service? Helping girls with their selection. Giving advise (when asked) about certain styles for their body type. Helping with zipping.   Anything else you would like to share? Being in this business is truly the best decision I have ever made. Everyday is a learning process, even after many years. Helping Brides and Prom girls find the perfect dress is very exciting and leaves one with a good feeling every day. Working with the public can be very hard, but not so when you love your job.   Want to get to know Bridals by CC even more or make an appointment? All of their contact information is below, just for you!   Facebook: bridalsbycc Store Website: www.bridalsbycc.net   Look for dresses from our Michelle Bridal, Tease Prom , Signature Prom and Signature Bridal Collections at Bridals by CC!   [su_carousel source="media: 9697,9703,9692,9386,9688,9691,9425,9706,9418,9389,9395,9416,9696,9396,9393,9705,9388,9687,9689,9695,9415,9704,9694" limit="30" height="420" responsive="no" items="2" title="no" pages="yes" mousewheel="no" autoplay="500" speed="2000"][su_carousel source="media: 8405,8404,8403,8402,8401,8399,8398" limit="14" link="custom" width="500" height="140" responsive="no" pages="yes" autoplay="500" speed="2000"][su_carousel source="media: 8405,8404,8403,8402,8401,8399,8398" limit="14" link="custom" width="400" height="160" responsive="no" pages="yes" autoplay="500" speed="2000"][/su_carousel]

November 20, 2015