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Get to Know Ultimate Fashions

Get to Know Ultimate Fashions

Ultimate Fashions is the place to find everything you need in the New York/New Jersey area. Get to know Ultimate Fashions! We love talking with their amazing staff, and not only because of their accents! ;-) Check out one or both of their showrooms for all of your formalwear needs.   Store Name: Ultimate Fashions   Store City & State: Woodbridge, New Jersey & Staten Island, New York   What products do you offer? Prom, Bridal, Social, Informal, Children, Menswear, Shoes/Accessories   When did you first open your business? March 1, 1994   What characteristic do you most admire in your staff? Their willingness to satisfy a customer.   Describe the biggest accomplishment so far for your business. We started out in 800 square feet and have grown to 4200 square feet in the Woodbridge location.   What is the best business advice you have been given? Always keep reaching for the stars.   pizzaWhat is your go-to food, drink or restaurant for staff events? Pizza   Do you have a store "motto" - spoken or unspoken? If so, what is it? You've shopped the rest, NOW shop the best "Ultimate Fashions."   What are you most known for? - GREAT Customer Service - Carrying all sizes - Never letting any 2 girls get the same dress to the same school for prom - Custom ordering sizes that are needed.   What does Sydney's Closet do really well for your customers? It fits that girl that wants something sexy, but is larger.   Name 3 things that are always stocked in your office or break room. Chocolate, water..... ultimate fashions     Social Media: Facebook: Ultimate Fashions Instagram: Ultfash Store Website: Store Phone: 732.750.1174 Store Email: