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Enchanted Evenings Formal Wear 2019 Retailer Highlight

Updated: October 16, 2020
Formally: Love'm & Leave'm Formal Wear

Enchanted Evening Formalwear Love'm & Leave'm

Location: Cartersville, GA

Carries: Prom & Bridal

When & why did you start selling formal wear?

We began selling formal wear about six years ago. We LOVE to help girls find the PERFECT dress!!!

How did you get your business name?

You “loved” your clothes then you “left” them here…thus, the original name...nothing to do with relationships (LOL)!

Name two things you would like future customers to know about your store.

You have to come see our selection of formal wear! We have the largest selection in North Georgia.

Inside Love'm & Leave'm Enchanted Evening

What is unique about your store?

We have new and consigned formal wear.

What do you love about Sydney's Closet?

We love the beautiful styles Sydney's Closet offers and the size selection.

White and Blue Prom Dress Tease Prom

What characteristic do you most admire in your staff?

Our staff is friendly and loves assisting girls find the perfect dress.

What do you love about the 2019 Tease Prom Collection?

The 2019 Tease Prom collection is GORGEOUS!

tease prom 2019 plus size prom gowns

Tell us a fun fact about your store.

If you have ever wondered why we feature wedding gowns in the store window display during the summer months? Simply so the sun will not fade the fabric of any of our colorful gowns!

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