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Meet Curvy Model Alexandra Gregorek

Come behind-the-scenes at the photo shoot for 2018 Michelle Bridal Closet Collection. Learn what our gorgeous curvy model Alexandra Gregorek had to say when she took a break on set to answer our most pressing questions:

Is modeling plus-size bridal gowns your dream job?

A: It's every girl's dream to try on wedding dresses, and I get to do that for photo shoots. How lucky am I?! I'd like to share with you some behind-the-scenes details about what it's like to fulfill that dream through modeling. It's always fun to try on beautiful dresses, and pretend for a little while. I really enjoyed a recent wedding dress photo shoot for Michelle Bridal 2018 Collections. 

I've been modeling for 10 years, through high school and college. I love it because you get to travel and meet amazing people on set. And it's always exciting when someone mentions that they've seen your photos published somewhere. In this case, I hope they see that I felt like a pretty, beautiful, confident bride.

What is the highest hurdle you face at a shoot?

A. One the most challenging parts of modeling is getting different directions on set, trying to make clients and photographers happy, and finding that balance. There's also a lot of rejection in modeling, and most of the time, you have no idea why you don't get an assignment. Is your hair too short? Too long? They don't give you feedback. So that's why it's so helpful to come have a positive, inspiring photo shoot, like the one I had with Michelle Bridal. Some days, I just have to tell myself:  "It is what it is. I can't change my body or my face or the way I'm built. And that's OK."

For example, I have broad shoulders and narrow hips, but within these Michelle Bridal dresses, there are many styles that work with my body's proportions.

How did you feeling wearing wedding gowns from the 2018 Collection?

A. The dresses on this recent wedding photo shoot made me feel like a Princess! Each of them is so different, and it's cool to try on different styles to see how they look on you. I'm not married yet, but if I do get married, this photo shoot left me with ideas about what type of wedding dress I'd like to have.

The dresses just make you feel pretty beautiful, and give you that "look at me" moment.

I've also modeled for retail and lingerie clients, and I've done one runway show, which was on my bucket list, and it was fun. In runway shows, you're taking everything off and putting everything on in a matter of seconds. Compared to that, this wedding dress photo shoot was so nice because there was time to actually enjoy all the makeup, dresses and jewelry.

What professional tips did you learn from the Michelle Bridal shoot you can share with curvy brides?

A. Picking up tips about hair and makeup is one of the perks of wedding dress photo shoots. I actually went to school for training about how to do makeup specifically for weddings. Then I started my own freelance makeup business, and grew it to include a small team of four to five people for weddings, proms and other, mostly, weekend social events. Modeling certainly has led to other opportunities in my life.

Tips I recommend for women shopping for wedding dresses or other types of gowns are:

  • Be aware of what styles or colors are trending, but don't feel like you always have to fit into whatever the "in" look is. Sometimes, your body is not made for whatever cut or style is popular, and it's OK that today's in-fashion may not be one that flatters you.

  • Wear what does look good. It's fine.

  • Wear what makes you happy. Because if you feel like you look good, everyone else will pick up on that confidence, and feel like, "Wow, she really looks good."

The same thing happens to me. I see clothes that look so cool on someone else, and then when I try them on, it doesn't. That's when it's time to just move on to some other style. Don't necessarily do what's trendy, do what makes you feel the best.

Trying on dresses in general, and doing photo shoots, even if the photographer is a friend, is a great way to become more self-aware and confident in your personal and professional areas.

Some of the insights I've learned from my modeling career are handling rejection, never being afraid of leaving my comfort zone, and selling who I am as a person and my skills as an experienced model and business woman. I hope other women will feel comfortable exploring different styles of wedding dresses as they see the results of this Michelle Bridal photo shoot.

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