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Meet Model Kristen Madison

Meet the lovely plus size model Kristen Madison during our 2016 Bridal photo shoot. Kristen looked stunning in our Signature Bridal and Michelle Bridal collections - she was built for our gowns! Find out more about Ms. Madison and discover the person behind the fabulous photos! [caption id="attachment_8873" align="alignright" width="300"]Kristen Madison Image courtesy of Dorothy Combs[/caption] Background Information Hometown: Miami, Florida Shoot: 2016 Bridal Collection Shoot Date: June 29, 2015 Shoot Location: Dallas, Texas 1.How did you get started as a plus size model? I did a photo shoot. At that time I didn't know there were opportunities for curvy models. My mother just wanted nice pictures of me. Her friend's daughter, who is a model, suggested a photographer. The photographer was amazed and said "Wow you're so photogenic and the camera loves you! Whose your agent?" I told her I didn't have a agent and she then mentioned a local agent. After the shoot I sent in pictures to the agency and that day I got a reply! The rest is history! Oprah 2.If you could spend an hour with any Celebrity, who would it be and why? Oprah! (Just like another one of our plus size models, Chearice!) 3.What's the one favorite item in your closet that you could never be persuaded to give away? Why? A beautiful cashmere scarf that my grandmother gave me. 4.Finish this statement: I never leave the house without (give 3 things)... My cell phone , lip gloss and a pair of shades 5.What is your go-to comfort food? Buffalo Wings! Kristen Madison 6.Finish this sentence: If I could live anywhere, home would be... A tropical Island. I love the ocean! Inside a beautiful home, with an amazing garden filled with all my favorite fruits and veggies. Also with a hammock overlooking the Caribbean Ocean high on a mountain! 7.Finish this statement: When I want to stop traffic I wear... A red curve hugging dress and a pair of high heels. 8.What do you wear when you dress to impress? I love statement jewelry and curve hugging dresses! Chapman Center9.Tell us about the Charity of your choice. Why did you choose this organization? I enjoy giving back in all ways possible. This is extremely dear to my heart! I work with a charity called Chapman Center which feeds and shelters the homeless. I often volunteer as a cook or server in there kitchen. 10. What fashion trends are you obsessing over right now? I'm not really a trend follower, I kinda always did my own thing. But I'm loving the bohemian hipster look. Want to know more? Find Kristen on social media: Facebook: Kristen Madison Instagram: @Curvy_ambassador