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Meet Plus Size Model Lauron Thompson

Meet Plus Size Model Lauron Thompson from St. Louis, Missouri.   Our friends at Delux Magazine introduced us to Lauron during their December 2014 alternative wedding dresses photo shoot featuring our vintage-inspired, lace applique dress in champagne and black. Thanks, Lauron, for taking the time to do a Q and A with Sydney’s Closet. lauron thompson model Q: How did you get started as a plus size model? A: In 2010 I was attending women's college in a teeny town in the middle of America. I was a sophomore who had been scouted by an upper class who had been modeling locally. Madison modeled for fun but she was one heck of a face! Upon introducing me to the woman who's brand she'd been representing, the owner and I hit it off. She loved my look. She scooped me up. Here I am 20 years old and looking for my opportunity and it walked up to me. It was truly a blessing. I had no experience but I learned quickly.  I worked with the owner of Blackberry exchange for  two and half years. We had a great run. Q: What's the on favorite item in your closet that you could never be persuaded to give away. A: I could never give away the gown I wore the night of my prom!  This is the first time I felt I could model! I felt like class in a crystal glass. The only night of my life that was like an excerpt from an old Hollywood film. I still have it. I purchased the gown from Sydney's Closet. Q: If I could spend an hour with any Celebrity, who would it be? A: If I could spend an hour with any Celebrity it would Lorraine Hansberry. Q: I never leave the house without... A: I never leave the house without my makeup bag! Q: When you want to dress to impress you'd wear... A: When I dress to impress I wear all black. Whether its a little black dress or separates accented with gold accessories,  It works for me. Q: When you want to stop traffic you'd wear... A: When I want to stop traffic I rock a pair of stilettos. My height alone turns heads. My style will wow, while my confidence will cause accidents. Q: What fashion trends are you obsessing over right now? A: Right now I am crazy about plaid everything, over the knee boots, and over-sized pants! Q: What’s the best steal or deal you ever got clothes shopping? A: The best deals on clothing have typically come from consignment shops and boutiques. I love one of kind pieces.  KMART had an amazing plus collection of quality on trend clothes for the low price...definitely a steal. Q: Name the Charity of your choice. A: Refunding the Arts Programs in Public Schools Q: If I could live anywhere,  home would be... A: If I could live anywhere, home would probably remain Saint Louis (it has my heart).  However, since I’m practically married to my work, I will go where it takes me. I simply love to travel!  Q: Your dream date is.... A: I'd receive a single flower at my desk. We'd go ice skating and, in a perfect world, fresh snow would gently begin to fall . Then we would retire for good food, good drinks, and great sweets. And you can't forget the slow dancing and great conversation! behind the scenes photo shoot lauron thompson