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Caralyn Mirand plus size model on set ready to go into hair and makeup for prom photo shoot with Sydney's Closet

Meet the Gorgeous Plus Size Model Caralyn Mirand

Updated: October 16, 2020

You would never had known that shooting plus size Prom dresses with Sydney's Closet was one of her first professional modeling jobs. No wonder she has gone on to model for retail giants like Macy's. I'm so very proud to have helped launch Caralyn's successful modeling career!

Plus size model Caralyn Mirand modeling for Sydney's Closet Prom

Q: How did you get started as a plus size model?
A: As a senior in high school, I applied to Tyra Banks' Fiercely Real Teen Model Search on a dare. Out of tens of thousands of entries, I ended up being runner up in the competition! The rest is history! I'm coming close to my four year anniversary since the show... time flies!

Q: What’s the one favorite item in your closet you’d never be persuaded to give away?
A: My Banana Republic leather bomber that is perfectly broken in, I could never part with it!! Every year it gets more worn in and I love it even more!

Q: If you could spend an hour with any celebrity, who would it be?
A: Kristen Wiig- I feel like we could become instant best friends... I love to surround myself with people who make me laugh, so she would be a good one!

Q: What item would you never leave home without having in your bag (can’t be your phone!)? 
A: Blistex- Lip Medex - I am obsessed!! I probably have at least ten of them at a time floating around so that I have one in every bag or pocket! 

Plus size model Caralyn Mirand modeling for Sydney's Closet Prom

Q: When you want to dress to impress what do you wear?
A: Statement necklaces and/or fun accessories... a little bling always gives me a boost of confidence! It's also a great conversation starter!

Q: If you wanted to stop traffic, what would you wear?
A: A dress that perfectly accentuates my curves ;) ...and maybe some heels if we are getting real fancy!

Q: What fashion trends are you obsessing over right now?
A: The "Comfy Chic" look- so the comfortable sweater with either sequins or bling on it, or adding a fun necklace to make it cute! So being comfortable, but still chic! As a college student, I can officially say that I have mastered this look- thankfully, it is still in style!

Q: What’s the best steal or deal you ever got clothes shopping?
A: I found these amazing Merona quilted jackets at Target this past fall for $30, I ended up buying them in three different colors because I loved they way they fit! A bunch of my family and friends ended up buying them too! I guess you could call this a double deal because not only did I love them, but my family and friends felt great in them too!

Q: Name the charity of your choice?
A: I am in Delta Zeta Sorority so I am partial to helping the hearing impaired! We are always fundraising for Gallaudet University, The House Ear Institute, The Starkey Hearing Foundation, and The Painted Turtle!

Caralyn Mirand plus size model on set ready to go into hair and makeup for prom photo shoot with Sydney's Closet

Q: If you could live anywhere, where would your home be?
A: I am a firm believer that it is not where you are, but who you are with, that really matters! As long as I am surrounded by good people, I could be happy anywhere!

Q: What’s your guilty food pleasure?
A: I've never met a chocolate covered pretzel that I never liked! Salty and sweet is my favorite combination!

Want more from Caralyn? Check out her social pages:
Instagram: @caralynmirand

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