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Plus Size Evening Dresses Shoot in Puerto Rico

Plus Size Evening Dresses Shoot in Puerto Rico

[caption id="attachment_6080" align="aligncenter" width="499"]Ana cools off a moment in the shade!
Ana cools off a moment in the shade!
[/caption] I have to admit it. We're hooked on Puerto Rico as our fave location for photography. What's not to love! Come behind the scenes when we return to the island paradise to shoot fab plus size evening dresses from our Spring 2015 Collection. Who: Photographer: Apolonia V Curvy Model: Ana Garcia Stylist: Suzanne Ujaque Blogger: Marta Rivera What: Two new glam evening dresses from Sydney's Closet Spring 2015 Collection: First evening dress: The crew loves the romantic look of the curve hugging jersey design with a cream lace bodice decorated with black lace appliques. Everyone decides it reminded them of the grand way ladies dressed for evening from the era of the Titanic.   [caption id="attachment_6086" align="aligncenter" width="499"]Model poses in Puerto Rico
Ana poses near an archway in gorgeous Puerto Rico.
[/caption] Second evening dress: Classy and elegant is how the crew describes the flowing chiffon style with a high black lace over nude lining. The higher neckline with sheer lace makes a big fashion impact!   [caption id="attachment_6085" align="aligncenter" width="499"]OutsideShot1
Beautiful long black dress.
[/caption] Where: We shoot on location at the quaint and elegant Casa Villa Herencia, deep in the heart of the oldest part of Old San Juan. (If you've been there it's nestled in the shaded narrow, cobblestone streets between the famous San Juan Gate and the Cathedral of San Juan Citadel. Charming open air courtyard perfect to model our model.   [caption id="attachment_6084" align="aligncenter" width="499"]Stylist, Photographer and Model take an old school selfie.
Stylist, Photographer and Model take an old school selfie.
[/caption] Why We can't resist the picture perfect sunny skies and rich architecture the island offers. Plus, the incredibly talented crew that pulls off these amazing shots. There's so much to explore in Puerto Rico! How Early on a beautiful July morning our gorgeous curvy model Ana Garcia, along with photographer Apolonia V. and stylist Suzanne Ujaque arrive at the Villa Herencia boutique hotel in the heart of Old San Juan Sunday. The staff greets us with the royal treatment service that they provide all the guests that fill their nine rooms. First stop, a room reserved for wardrobe and makeup. How sweet and thoughtful of the Inn to serve the crew piping hot (and so strong,) coffee with yummy snacks.   [caption id="attachment_6076" align="aligncenter" width="499"]Hey even the stylist needs a break now and then!
Hey even the stylist needs a break now and then!
[/caption] Photographer Apolonia tours the property beautifully furnished in charming antiques. It isn't easy to decide where to set up the shoot. So many incredible choices. But a stone archway captures Apolonia's eye and provides a dramatic stone frame to shoot our plus size evening dresses.   [caption id="attachment_6077" align="aligncenter" width="499"]Antiques and some funky zebra chairs at the hotel.
Antiques and some funky zebra chairs at the hotel.
[/caption]   Stylist Suzanne opts to let the eye center on the dress. Her choice of long beaded earrings and a simple necklace add just the right details without detracting from the dazzle of the dress.   [caption id="attachment_6083" align="aligncenter" width="499"]Beautiful Jewelry
Beautiful Jewelry from stylist Suzanne Ujaque
[/caption]   Tourists pack the Inn on the day of our shoot. Several from the U.S. Virgin Islands can't resist watching us shoot. As the heat of the day climbed, one volunteers a seat to Anna so the model can take a quick rest. The hotel's unofficial mascot, a striking black cat, stays with the crew during the whole shoot. He is purr-fectly welcome on the set! [caption id="attachment_6075" align="aligncenter" width="499"]Photo shoot mascot.
Photo shoot mascot.
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