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Prom 2015 Plus Size Gown Behind the Scenes

Prom 2015 Plus Size Gown Behind the Scenes

Prom 2015

Come behind-the-scenes at our Prom 2015 plus size gown photo shoot.  You'll discover what it really takes to pull off our the magic for our most ambitious shoot of the year!  And get a sneak peek at the gorgeous collection of frocks that rock for Prom 2015.

What:  Photograph Sydney's Closet Prom 2015 collection of  dreamy ballgowns, flattering A-line styles and sexy fit and flair designs in dozens of trendy styles and must-have colors.

Where: Studio Altius, St. Louis, Missouri

Photographer Preston and his assistant/wife Susan
  • Producer: Mat Librach
  • Director: Phyllis Brasch Librach, designer of the collection
  • Plus size Model:  Kris Yeo from Toronto,  Canada
  • Plus size Model:  Erica Jean from New York City
  • Plus size Model:  Monique Robinson from New York City
  • Photographer:  Preston Page
  • Stylist: Susan Page
  • Photo Editor/Social Media:  Rachel Duncan
  • Makeup Artist:  Yuri Phouapanya
  • Hair Stylist:  Minerva O'Toole
  • Props Manager:  Carly Hammond
  • Wardrobe Mistress:  Shelli  Stoverink
  • Production Assistant:   Michelle Rosenfield
  • Videographer:  Tommy Yadiz 

Gorgeous earrings, necklaces and even a tiara for the shoot.

Setting the Stage

Obviously, the shoot can never happen without the gorgeous gowns. The samples start arriving in February and flow in up to the day before we shoot. I personally review each style for quality, fit and design changes.  Sometimes, I remove the beads.  Then I decide to add the bling back, but in a different pattern.  Hemlines get shortened.  Straps adjusted.  Crinoline taken out from the lining. Then every style has to be photographed gets tagged, bagged and labeled with the name of the model who will wear the 2015 plus size Prom dress at the shoot. It's down to the last minute before we get the dresses packed away on the truck.

On Set It's a 7 a.m. call for us to pick up the models at their hotel for the 15- minute ride to the studio.  Quick breakfast of yogurt, raspberries, orange juice, bananas and coffee.  By 8 a.m. models, wearing robes, go into hair and makeup.  We go for a pale pink mani and pedi so the dresses pop.  At 10 A.m. Preston, our photographer, signals everyone it's lights, camera, action!  

Nuts, fruit and yogurt perfect for long lasting energy!


Here's what went smoothly at the prom shoot:

  • Props played out flawlessly, even the balloons cooperated. Not one popped!
  • Dresses look as fab as our gorgeous models. Preston clicks away catching the real pros posing on set !
  • Models become new BFFs by the time they boarded the same flight back to NYC.
Models take a moment to pose with our fearless leader and designer Phyllis Librach.


Here's what could have gone better!

  • Got a true scare when front desk says Kris not registered at hotel.  Turns out they spelled her name wrong!
  • Two steamers and a heavy-duty steam iron blew the fuses in the studio.  Wardrobe forced to move pressing to reception area.
  • Six dresses arrived Monday, less than 24 hours too late to be shot. (We'll have to schedule another shoot!)
And did I mention the surprises!  Everyone devoured the cookie cake decorated with "Happy Father's Day" to salute the Dads on set working on their special day. Shelli's adorable son drops in and leaves with lipstick smacks on his cheeks after getting smothered in kisses by the models.   Could have been the best behind-the-scenes shot of the day! 
A little kiss on the cheek made for a great shot!


It's a Wrap! By the end of the weekend, we had shot 10,000 images!  Now the hard work begins sorting through all the fab photos to select the final picks you will see on our website, catalog and social media.   It's a tough job with so many great choices!  It will be hard to narrow down which Prom 2015 plus size gown images that you will ultimately see!  Check back to see the final selections.   

Photo credit: Rachel Duncan and Tommy Yazdi