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Second Interview with Ana Garcia

Our staff was lucky enough to head to Puerto Rico and meet the lovely staff with whom we have worked over the last few years. Ana Garcia and her crew were a pleasure to work with and welcomed us to the beautiful island with open arms for our 2016 bridal editorial shoot. We wanted to share a little bit of Ana with all of our readers! Background Informationana garcia Hometown: Aguas Buenas, Puerto Rico Shoot: 2016 Bridal Editorial Shoot Date: June 14, 2015 Shoot Location: Viejo San Juan, Puerto Rico 1.Finish this sentence: If I could live anywhere, home would be... Puerto Rico is always going to be home but I would like to live in Vegas! las vegas 2.Tell us about the Charity of your choice. Why did you choose this organization? I do not have any particular charity but when I see one that is a worthy cause I donate my money. 3.Finish this statement: I never leave the house without (give 3 things)... Cellphone, lipgloss, & earrings 4.What fashion trends are you obsessing over right now? I am not into fashion trends but I am obsessed with the peplum style. 5.What's the one favorite item in your closet that you could never be persuaded to give away? Why? cenia Some dresses from designer Cenia NY that I modeled. 6.What do you wear when you dress to impress? A sexy little black dress! 7.Finish this statement: When I want to stop traffic I wear... High Heels 8.How did you get started as a plus size model? I entered the Torrid Model Search in Puerto Rico becoming first runner up and I have been modeling ever since. 9.If I could spend an hour with any Celebrity, who would it be and why? [caption id="attachment_9216" align="alignright" width="700"]jennifer lopez Courtesy: Getty Images[/caption] I would love to spend an hour with Jennifer Lopez because she went after her dreams and she reached it in a time that curvy Latina women were not that recognized. 10.What is your go-to comfort food? Mofongo! A great Puertorrican dish. Want to know more? Find Ana on social media: Facebook: Ana Garcia Instagram: @anagplus