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Sydney’s Closet Fashion Team on Location in China

Sydney’s Closet Fashion Team on Location in China

Scouting out next season’s hottest textiles and fashion trends, Sydney’s Closet is currently on the scene in Guangdong Province, China. This fabulous fashion trip has been a feast for the eyes and the stomach as this former Canton Province is known throughout the world for its exceptionally fresh cuisine from the nearby China Sea. Much like fashion, culinary style is about being expressive and creative I for one, was not disappointed!

Here are some excerpts from our team's authentic Chinese culinary extravaganza. It is always fascinating to see how different cultures prepare traditional dishes with flair.



While my team and I were absolutely delighted with the food and the beautiful presentation, I was dismayed to learn that it is a tradition for the “boss” to eat the head of the whole steamed fish when it is put on the table!


While I was adventurous with this particular dish I did draw the line when offered either fried pig kidney with trice, stewed fish head with Chinese sauerkraut or crispy pigeon...


Considered a Dim Sum treat, Radish Cake is very interesting and looked beautifully plated.

With full bellies we look forward to heading back into the world of fashion and really punching up our new line. Stay tuned for some beautiful photos of our new textures, fabrics and styles coming soon!