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Sydney's Closet Photo Shoot of Fall 2011 Cocktail and Prom 2012 Collection

Sydney's Closet Photo Shoot of Fall 2011 Cocktail and Prom 2012 Collection

From left, super talented models Yanderis Lodos, Kelsey Olson, Caralyn Mirand and Denise Bidot flank Phyllis Brasch Librach, center, President and Founder of Sydney's Closet.
The Fashion Team and Models had a fabulous time at yesterday's photo shoot for Sydney's Closet Fall 2011 Cocktail Collection and Prom 2012!  These gorgeous ladies modeled evening gowns, ball gowns, cocktail dresses, and prom dresses.  The models loved some of the sexy cocktail gowns so much, they placed orders already! It took a crew of more than a dozen to pull off the incredibly smooth two-day shoot:  photographer, photographer’s assistant, videographer (look for very fun behind-the-scenes video coming soon!),stylist, hair, makeup, wardrobe mistress, dressers, and alterations. One big reason the shoot ran without a hitch is that Mickey Librach acted as production assistant coordinating every last detail from what to order for lunch to making sure every model held up a style number before we shot a dress! We loved shooting at Studio Altius in Maplewood. It’s a super spacious and comfortable space complete with dressing room, makeup stations and full kitchen with counter and bar stools.  The hottest place to chill was the comfy lounge with a large flat screen showing images straight from the photographer’s camera.  We’ll definitely be shooting there again!
Fashion team member Ann sewing
Ann fitting model Caralyn Mirand
Models Denise and Caralyn get a caffeine jolt before they head for hair and makeup
No time to change so Anne takes out the wrinkles while Yanderis still wears the dress!
Jessica Dana does a quick after lunch touch up on model Denise Bidot's makeup
Yanderis Lodos is all smiles as makeup artist Kasey Lamm gets her ready to go on set
Technical Designer Anne Warmer fixes delicate beading on a 2012 Prom dress so it's perfect for the photo shoot
Hair Stylist John Napoli curls the long golden locks of model Kelsey Olson
Anne and Phyllis decide make the final tough decision on which model wears what styles!
Getting ready for the Sydney's Closet photo shoot
Production Coordinator Mickey Librach finalizes the lineup for the models with the photographer's assistant
Phyllis loves the creative ideas of videographer Rick Dilly as they get ready to roll
The Crew on day one