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Prom 2021 plus size jumpsuit johnathan kayne for sydney's closet JK2110 in lava multi color with black belt

Prom 2021 Dress Trends

Wonder what the best Prom dress trends will be for 2021? Let the fashion experts at Sydney’s Closet rescue you from hunting for Prom 2021 trends.

We’ve put together this up-to-the-minute trend report so you can learn what Prom gown designs, color and details are sure to be all the rage for 2021. Check it out so you are sure to make the best-dressed list this season.

Formal Jumpsuits for Prom  

Prom 2021 plus size jumpsuit johnathan kayne for sydney's closet JK2110 in lava multi color with black belt

Do you like to turn heads by breaking traditional fashion rules? Then opt for an evening jumpsuit to Prom 2021. You’ll make a major fashion statement wearing this super trendy alternative to a long formal evening gown. Who says you can’t rock a jumpsuit for a special occasion as big as Prom?  The trick to looking sophisticated and formal is to go with a jumpsuit in really fancy fabric. 

Just look at the glamorous jumpsuit designer Johnathan Kayne created for Sydney’s Closet. ​The multi-color sequins light up the dance floor all night.  And the style oozes a retro vibe right from the nightclub days of the 1970s. All you need is a disco ball on the dance floor.

We’re obsessed with formal jumpsuits for Prom. Why? They instantly pump up the fun factor. 

Styling Tip: Be sure to hem the pants of your jumpsuit so they are the right length for a specific shoe height. Check to see that the hemline of the pant legs just skims the top of your shoes. 



SC7301 plus size prom dress satin no beading pockets


Plain but Polished Prom Dresses 

Trend alert! Watch for simple stunning lines on Prom dress designs to be all the rage. The knockout look relies on a minimalistic Prom dress stripped of all embellishments. The beauty lies in the polished simplicity created by the clean style lines of the gown. 

Overall, the look is simple. But it’s far from boring when done in fabulous formal fabrics like sparkling chiffon and irresistible colors like burgundy, blue, red, and gold. Best of all, you get a clean slate to accessorize your plus-size Prom gown with your fashion stamp.





Slit Sensation

Sexy lame plus size prom dress with slit

Get a leg up on trendy Prom 2021 dresses when you wear a style with a sexy slit in the skirt. At Sydney’s Closet, we love this design detail as a chic revival of a classic Hollywood look. 

The slit lets you dare to bare just the right amount of skin and looks so much trendier and more unique than a mini dress for Prom 2021.  Best of all, you’re free to show off your fabulous dance moves. 

And that the opening in the skirt makes it super easy to get in and out of the car. Now you can look trendy and be comfy at the same time.

Styling Tip:  If you’re wearing a slit skirt, best to avoid also showing off your cleavage. Less is more when it comes to showing skin. 




Star Power Ball Gowns 

Curvy Prom girls who want to shine on the dance floor for Prom 2021 will go for formal gowns with a celestial motif. Stars give your gown a magical look that mimics a glittering night sky.  Perfect for the Prom Princess who wants to twinkle on the dance floor without looking too girly. 

We can’t get enough of this out-of-the-world star power on all dress silhouettes but especially on ball gowns. Good heavens! It’s hard to decide which color stars shine best: gold or silver.  Either way, the look delivers a fashion nod to the wonder of the Prom night sky. 

Styling Tip:  Keep jewelry to a minimum. Let the stars take center stage when it comes to sparkle. 

TE2116 shimmer lame fabric plus size prom dress with slit by Tease Prom


Lots of Lame Dresses 

Trendy Prom 2021 girls will take a cue from Hollywood wearing long lame formals for a high impact look. Lame may look familiar. No wonder. The sensual, slinky, liquid-like fabric has been around forever. Silver screen stars as far back as the 1930s favored silver and gold metallic lame gowns on the red carpet.  

For Prom 2021, watch for lame in eye-catching jewel tones to capture a very modern and contemporary look. Critics claim the hint of tinsel in lame can be tacky. We must disagree. Iridescent lame Prom gowns can be elegant when designed on classic silhouettes like an A-line style dress.  

Styling Tip: Keep the accessories super simple if you wear a lame formal gown or you risk overdoing the shine factor. 



Power Packed Hues  

Here’s your chance to make a bold fashion statement by lighting up the night in vibrant colors that let the crowd know you’re nothing short of dull.  The most sought after satin dresses will be vibrant colors that scream fun!  (After this challenging winter everyone want Prom gowns in colors that life their spirits!)

Got a sweet tooth? Then you’ll love the sugary pastels making a fashion splash for Prom 2021. Scoop up a plus size gown in irresistible hues like Blue or Peach Sorbet, Luscious Lime, Bold Blueberry and Cherry Bomb. This season’s hottest shades are super sweet without being saccharine. 

SC7270 sapphire plus size prom dress bright color