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Sydney's Prom Crazy Shoes

Sydney's Prom Crazy Shoes

Sometimes all it takes is the perfect pair of shoes to make the outfit.  Prom is a time to shine. Why not have your prom crazy shoes shine along with you?

prom crazy 

Traditional pumps, heels or flats are always available, but our staff loves searching for the unique women's prom shoes that are out there.  You could opt for the invisible heel, the "fish tank" platform, or anything Gaga inspired. Choosing Prom Crazy shoes allows you to put your fashion-forward foot first and choose a more simple gown with accessories as your accent pieces.

While it may be easy to find any ol' shoe, finding the perfect match for your prom gown is essential.  We suggest letting your creative, imaginative side explore the endless possibilities and create your own. Simply get a pair of shoes, search on Pinterest and let you imagination run free.  You could add paint, sequins, glitter, feathers, pictures, newspaper, or even a personalized charm to create your own crazy prom shoes. Feel free to take the reins and run! Who knows - maybe your shoes could end up on the 2016 runways! If you are not feeling creative, there is always the option to shop.

No matter what you have on your feet, make sure that you are prepared to dance the night away. We recommend bringing a pair of ballet flats or flip flops to wear, especially after pictures and dinner.  While these Prom Crazy shoes are cool, you don't want to ruin your night.